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Baking Contest & Sale

The 52nd Annual Gopher Hill Festival Baking Contest and Sale will be held in October 2024.  The contest will be held Thursday, October 3rd at Turtle Park.  We have some of the best bakers in the Lowcountry right here in our area!!! 

Talent Show.jpg

Talent Show

WHO’S GOT TALENT? The Big Gopher Hill Stage is calling your name!! Last years contest was over the top! Every year we have 3 age categories.  In 2023,  we have added 3 more awards.

1. THE BRAYDEN TINDAL SHINING STAR AWARD. For the most up and coming performer in memory of Brayden. Brayden won or placed every year of the contest.

2. THE JASPER AWARD. For the most entertaining

3. THE GOPHER AWARD. For the best costume/dress.

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